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not far from atlantic city in the last hour. here's what else we can tell you tonight. the federal government will be closed again tomorrow, as will most school systems in our area including d.c., alexandria and fairfax. prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools. you can see the full list at www.wusa9.com. >> also all flights at local airports are canceled until further notice and vre, marc rail and amtrak have canceled service for tomorrow. metro will not have service in the rning. >> in maryland the speed limit on all interstates is being lowered to 45 miles an hour as a precaution. maryland state police urge everyone to just stay off the roads if at all possible. >> now we're also hearing about evacuation orders for parts of the huntington area of fairfax county. this impacts people living along fenwick drive and arlington terrace. you may remember the huntington neighborhood has been prone to flooding before. we've got a crew heading that way. we'll bring you a live report as soon as possible. >>> let's get the latest where the storm is right now from to
with that story and more and how the elected city leaders chose between work, play and free tickets. >> reporter: you might recall a few years ago then mayor adrian fenty and council fighting over the lerner family tickets provided for the elected officials, but those days apparently are now over. somewhere in the masses today headed to nationals park was d.c. councilman jack evans. >> we have great day in the city's history, the first playoff game here. >> reporter: a veteran d.c. lawmaker was able to get to the ballpark because he suspended a scheduled hearing inside council chambers on problems at d.c. tax. the plan was to resume the hearing later after the day. how attentive would you have been sitting in a hearing while the game was going on? >> i would have been very attentive, but i can't say that for the rest of my colleagues and media, so i wanted to accommodate them. >> it's the first time in 79 years our baseball team has been in postseason play. >> reporter: the nats owners offered two free tickets to mayor gray for the game today. he said he'll only use one. >> i will go to the g
, no rain. scenario two, making landfall around new york city or a bit north, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour for us, probably no flooding, just rain and showers. scenario two, getting closer to us in between atlantic city and new york, winds 20 to 40 miles per hour and probably an inch or so of rain. heavy bands of rain will stay north of us. any time the system makes landfall the highested with uns are always just to the north -- highest winds are always just to the northeast where it crosses land. scenario four not so good. it comes into the delmarva into southeast p.a. and northeast maryland. now we have winds 40 to 70 miles an hour and rainfall up to 8 inches. that will building the worst case scenario. there are still plenty of models that have it doing something between scenario four and three. we'll keep you posted. it's only friday and it is kind of an evolving system. the reason why hurricanes are so hard to track is there's very little in terms of the steering currents. in the fall and summer it's not so strong. we have to watch it and see if it makes this extreme left turn as we g
is really trying to go to city hall and get a marriage license is worthy of death, i think it's very inappropriate. >> reporter: inflamed passions included this prince george's county police captain irene hukkins who hopes to marry her partner in maryland. she sent an e-mail blast saying this type of defensive behavior will not fly in maryland. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. >> reporter: meanwhile pastor robert anderson has not responded to requests for interviews to explain hi worthy of death comments about back live now late today derek mccoy issued a written statement saying, "any attempt to imply that dr. anderson's reading of scripture was a call to harm gays and lesbians is false and serves as a distraction from the real issues of this campaign." anderson says his group is committed to dignity and respect of all people, but he says marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman and again the video does remain posted on the host church's website. we've got it up on www.wusa9.com as well. reporting live in hanover, maryland, scott broom, 9 news
-- >> reporter: before you and, we didn't run into bruce springsteen. right now we're at ocean city another new jersey town here on the shore. you can see their boardwalk is damaged also but not as bad as the others we have seen and police here are allowing the people to come inspect the boardwalk and look their beach and look at the damage that sandy has done here in this small town. like all of the over towns along the -- other towns along the shore here, no power, no cell phone service. flooding, flooded basements, we saw a lot of pumps generators triting to get the pat -- trying to get the water out. a lot of people bringing out furniture and clothes and putting them on the curb, these are things that have been destroyed they won't get back. some lives have been changed to some extent here. one other thing because this could be very serious. woman comes up to us and she says you know because there's no power, there's no gas. the gas stations are not open along with a lot of other businesses but you know last night we told you about long lines of people waiting to get gas, stations are not
to mask the murders. >>> this is bruce johnson in downtown washington. this is a billion dollar city center project. we have a lot of small businesses working here, but you also have small businesses that are illegally fronting for illegal corporations. what is the city doing about all this? i'll have that story coming up. >>> breaking news out of spotsylvania county where sky 9 is over a deadly accident. that amtrak train. it happened near the intersection of mine road and benchmark road. we don't know yet the person's sex or age, but we are continuing to watch this and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it into the newsroom. >> 35,000, that's how many people are out of work just in the district. and mayor gray says small businesses can help bring that number down. >> that is if they get a fair share of the billion spent on construction projects now underway in the city. bruce johnson reports, part of the problem is corruption. >> the district nearly $1 billion city centered development is going up in downtown. >> there will be mixed income housing, retail, hotel
of the week. >>> right now, people are starting to file into san francisco city hall. they will attend the memorial in honor of the am ambassador to stevens. gunmen attacked the u.s. mission. stevens grew up in the san francisco area and graduated from berkeley before joining the foreign service. >>> and secretary of state, hillary clinton, says she takes full responsibility for any security lapses that contributed to the deadly attack. republicans on capitol hill have been criticizing the white house for the handling of security. clinton addresses that criticism saying the president and vice president are not involved in those security matters. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department's 60,000 plus people all over the world, 275 posts. the president and vice president wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> clinton says with the presidential election just weeks away, she does not want the incident to become quote, some kind of political blame game. >>> metro officially notified congress that it will be mi
filtering system. we're using the water now, we are are not using the city water, >> we didn't get that calibration right. this is the new system, we are trying to figure it out. we feel like we've got it here now. >> it is costing $100,000 to drain the pool. and this is just what they would like and with a new renovation, they will drain it much more often before. and so they are not obviously cleaned up, and we are still days here, back to you. >>> this time we don't want to do it again soon. >> right. >> what feels like a developing pattern, one day after the debate. at least one of the candidates will be in virginia. governor mitt romney and his running mate are said to have appeared here in about 40 minutes. then tomorrow, president obama is scheduled to be in fairfax. we'll take a look at the day after that first debate. >> it's the first day of the rest of the presidential campaign. the denver debate in the mirror. they will hit the campaign trail in battleground states. >> how did dad do last night? [ cheering ] >> reporter: he made a surprise spot here at the action commit
takes affect. in addition to those jobs, the city could lose over $100 million in federal grants and tax revenue. one federal grant provides 23.5 million for education. in d dr. the number of civilian -- d c., the number of civilian jobs outweighs what could be considered with the department of defense. >>> we have heard a lot about defense jobs and a defense cuts that could happen. if it does happen, it could hurt the needest person the most. >> this is the axe food pan tree in bump free. it is part of the axe food center which helped 77,000 people last year, people who were hungry, homeless, job loss or from domestic violence. a third of its budget come from state or county funds. if sequestration happens,. >> that is direct services to the people we help. >> the is he questerred cuts total evenly divided between domestic and defense spending. the defense communithas rallied against the cuts. economy mists have said 150,000 jobs could be cut alone. >> i think it will affect some people much more than other people. >> confident congress will act after the election. when democrats like j
are hoping you can help find him. charles turner was last seen in ellicott city around 9:30 last night. look at this picture a moment on the left side of your scene. he was driving a 2005 light green lexus suv. we have the maryland plate dv348 works light green lexus. police say he has dementia and does not usually drive at night. if you've seen charles turner or his car, please call police in howard county. >>> tomorrow we should get a better sense how much more money people living on social security will get next year, but all early indications are there won't be a big benefit increase. preliminary figures from the government estimate the cost of living adjustment will be between 1 and 2%. >>> just one day ahead of their second debate a new poll is giving mitt romney edge over president obama in a dozen key swing states. that poll has a margin of error four to six points essentially making it a dead heat, danielle nottingham with a closer look at efforts to get out the vote in virginia. >> reporter: virginia democrat lizy shy is working to get president obama reelected one door at a time.
about a third from last year. but, casinos in anne arundel county and ocean city took in $32 million and $5 million and those are 5% increases. expanding gambling to include table games and perhaps adding a sixth casino in prince georges county are on the ballot come november. >>> the question of legalizing same-sex marriage is on the ballot in maryland next month and weeks after one of the baltimore ravens linebackers made headlines with his support of that referendum, another player is speaking out against it. >> i'm ravens center, marriage is not easy. but it has lasted throughout the ages as an honored institution because it provides unique foundation for societies and children. marriage is more than what adults want for themselves. it's also about the next generation. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> that video by raven center matt burke is only being distributed online. linebacker, brendan, scheduled to appear with governor martin o'railly at a fundraiser supporting the initiative on monday. >>> and there's new information tonight about those contro
's what it is. >> it means a lot for this city, this organization, the guys that have been here and played their whole career. >> now to reality. the nationals have a lot of work to do. currently they are 10-17. their next possible opponent could be san francisco, st. louis, or atlanta. >> you know, we want to get deep in the playoffs. we want to have three more of these and at the end of the day, that trophy. we have a lot of tough games ahead of us, but this is quite an accomplishment. i'm glad the guys can go through it. >> bryce harper got a much deserved recognition today. this is the second time he won this award. the first was back in may. the redskins, you know, hoping for their own celebration sometime soon, is enjoying their day off. they have an extremely tough matchup this weekend. a chance to turn their luck around at home. now rg3, of course, has been impressive throughout the season and after giving his team a chance to win for the second straight week, his teammates are singing his praises. >> i'm looking at going out here and get better. so when something b
for downplaying the quake risks and not warning residents to evacuate. the city is mostly abandoned now. the convicted scientists have been given time to appeal. >>> coming up on 9news, a female jogger attacked on one of the area's most popular recreation trails. we'll tell you more just ahead. >> a restraining order did not protect a wisconsin woman and two others who were killed by her angry husband. why aren't court orders more effective in protecting women? we'll look at that tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> prince george's county police hope a new clue will help them crack an old case. it's been more than a month since marckel ross was gunned done on his way to school in capitol heights. police are looking for a person that was robbed the same day that ross was murdered. the robbery was not reported. ross was shot and killed september 11 along central avenue. >>> a terrible story now out of brooklyn, new york has taken a chilling turn with a possible link to the d.c. sniper case o. saturday vindalee smith, a 38- year-old woman who was supposed to be married on sunday was found
of the city's first post season baseball game in 79 years. >> i'm matt jablow where people were hoping to buy tickets. some fans unable to attend tomorrow's 1:00 game. >> absolutely. >> after the announcement to major league baseball, which came yesterday afternoon. >> very difficult because he is waiting day by day. >> that tomorrow's game would start at 1:00. >> i wish it was at night. >> thousands of fans with tickets to the game have had to either give up their tickets or figure out a way to leave work. >> is there anything available for tomorrow? >> mike who owns his own electrical supply company is now hoping to buy tickets from an unlucky person unable to attend tomorrow's game. >> can you check your other box office? >> he observes that were it not all by required, the yank keys play their games in prime time, it's likely the nationals would have been able to play at night and this entire problem could have been avoided. >> after we get into the playoffs for several years to come, we'll be right there in prime time as well. >> yankees. >> you got it. >> matt jablow, 9new
do so in person at the city's board of elections office. the deadlines to register in maryland and virginia have already passed. we've got more on voter registrations at wusa9.com. click on campaign 2012. >>> still ahead tonight, 40 years to the day congressman acted the clean act. we'll take a look at the impact on the local rivers. >>> in 1969, the river caught fire, mainly from all the pollution in the waters. that helped spark the environmental movement that came up with the passage of the clean water act 40 years ago today. our erica road takes a look at how the local water ways have benefited since that time. >> reporter: the potomac river is an inviting spot for boating, fishing, or just taking a stroll in the d.c. area. but it was not always this way. 40 years ago when the clean water act was passed by congress, the river was in pretty rough shape. >> the potomac river here in d.c. smelled bad, looked bad as people tried to get away from it. and the president called it a national disgrace. and now it is just beautiful. >> reporter: the clean water act made it illegal to
microsoft is showing off some of its new products. >> at a five-hour event in new york city today the company gave consumers a look at windows 8 as well as its new tablet. windows 8 is designed to work on both pcs and tablets. microsoft's new tablet is called surface. it costs $599 goes on sale tomorrow. >>> you have questions, we have answers. meteorologist topper shutt and erica grow respond to your concerns about sandy and a possible super storm next. >>> we are tracking sandy now, a category 2 storm, maximum winds 105 miles per hour, wind gusts 125. she's raking the bahamas right now. she's turning northeast a little as we get into friday afternoon, goes down to a category 1, probably 85 mile- per-hour winds and then it parallels the southeast coast which is great news, really great news for florida quite frankly and for north and south carolina as well. this is saturday afternoon. it's well off the south carolina and georgia coast. we'll put it back into motion now. we're looking at the storm beginning to turn to the north and west and this is the problem as we get into tuesd
. that special homecoming dance is this friday at the brunswick city park from 8:00 until 11:00. >>> almost a full year after the jerry sandusky scandal erupted, the coach will learn how much time he is going to spend behind bars. andrea mccarren is live in bellefonte, pennsylvania, where sandusky gets his sentencing tomorrow. andrea. >> derek, tonight we know that jerry sandusky is expected to testify in court tomorrow and so are as many as six of his ten victims. >> how do you feel? >> although the 68-year-old sandusky did not testify at his june trial, he is expected to speak at his sentencing tearing tomorrow. >> i anticipate he's going to say he is innocent and he wants to repeal his trial and work on getting a new trial. >> in' sandusky's own lawyers are predicting a harsh sentence. >> a 30 year sentence if i had to guess, given all the mandatories that apply. >> the former penn state coaching legend and founder of the second mile charity for at risk children faces a minimum of ten years in prison and a maximum of more than 218 years. his lawyer met with sandusky two hours ago
and hotels, everything down here. >> reporter: the fans, owners, city officials, business community, just about everybody are still waiting for the economic renaissance, the kind that followed the verizon center's construction in the heart of china town. >> you know what happened. the stadium got built. the market crashed and nothing got developed. >> reporter: in today's money this is a $660 million ballpark, one of the best in the business. they broke ground here in march of 2006. two years later they had opening day here. what's missing still are businesses to fill all of those vacant lots over there, bars, restaurants, hotels, housing units. >> we're still very optimistic. it's a timing issue. >> reporter: local lawyer mark towie led the team that negotiated baseball's return to washington and then the construction of nationals park. >> the situation the economy has been in the last few years where construction financing has not been as available, but i'm told by a number of developers it's coming very quickly now in the next few years and with it, by the way, the all-star game. >>
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